I’m an IT professional in my late 30s, happily married for the past 7 years to a sweet lady and father to a lovely daughter. I have had the opportunity to play variant roles and responsibilities during my more than a decade long career in the IT field. However, my recent decision to shift from Nagpur to Pune has introduced me to a whole new side of me which I didn’t know existed.

An introvert by nature; I’m a perfect Taurian inheriting and showcasing all the traits. Having said that, I am lazy, stubborn, furious at times, hardworking, spendaholic, day dreamer, egoistic and the list can go on…

But more importantly, I’m a Chef, a Traveler, a Cricketer, a Biker… and fortunately everything that my heart has ever desired. I really feel lucky enough to be able to live a contended life in each of these roles.

It’s time now to look back at all those roles I have played over the years and pen down my experiences for the world to read. I’m sure there are many out there who would be able to relate to my normal and at times exciting, weird and bumpy life experiences!!

The Good News… people who feel have had similar experiences in their life and wish to share it with others are welcome to do so as guest author (will be approved at my discretion).

So, keep visiting this blog to read a fresh new chapter from the book of my life!!