Gloomy Sunday, a popular song composed by Hungarian pianist Rezso Secress in 1933 which is also known as “Hungarian Suicide Song”. Billie Holiday’s English version was even banned from airing by BBC radio, which was lifted as late as in 2002. According to legend, Gloomy Sunday was responsible for many suicides in Hungary and United States. The claims could not be verified, but it’s still called as suicide song.

You must be thinking why I am writing about something so depressing and suicidal. No! I am not thinking of committing one myself nor do I want people to listen to this song and die! Rezso Secress wrote this song when his girlfriend left and I guess he was kind of depressed and stressed. Sad part is, 35 years later, Rezso committed suicide.

This article is not about Rezso or his song, nor is it about suicide. It’s all about stress and depression.

According to a report, around 10 million cases of depression are reported in India each year. As the number suggests, it is categorised in the group CMD (Common Mental Disorder) along with anxiety disorder. It is one of the top ranking disorders globally and organizations like WHO are constantly working in spreading awareness amongst the masses.

Due to stressful personal & professional life, it is very hard to guess whether someone is suffering from depression or it’s just due to disturbed daily routine. What are the factors or early signs of depression? When to know that it’s time to seek professional help? That’s not really hard and with little analysis, one can read early signs.

Those who already know me or have read my previous articles can easily guess that I am an introvert person. I don’t gel-up with people easily and I absolutely love being alone. I have been like this since childhood and all had seemed fine until last year, when I realized my behaviour has been changed and the change wasn’t good. I deleted Facebook, I removed WhatsApp, I stopped calling even my closest friends & my parents and I started avoiding being social.

For me, it was simply a sign of maturity and self-control. I was so wrong. In reality, I was looking for a way out to avoid people. I convinced myself that by avoiding social circle I can give much time to my family and work. Real problem started since couple of months back when I realized I am not able to communicate properly with people in office or with clients on calls and also with general public. I started experiencing neck pain, headache and pain in my shoulders whenever there was a work pressure or some kind of mental stress. I started fumbling and experiencing mental blocks quite often. I always knew I am stressing myself too much which can lead to depression but at the same time, I was confident I can handle this. But when it started seriously affecting my professional life, I thought it was time to seek help from experts.

Finally, I consulted a psychiatrist for help and she confirmed that I have mild depression along with social anxiety disorder. I always had social anxiety disorder but depression worsened it. As a result, I stopped being social. Depression can go unnoticed which in return can affect your personal and professional life. It affects overall thinking process and the ability to take decisions which ultimately costs you in the long run. Another issue with depression is, a person can get addicted to alcohol or even drugs in extreme cases.

There are lot of misconceptions about psychiatric treatment and medications. Majority of people think, once you start taking anti-depressants, it is hard to get out of it. And thus, people avoid seeking professional help.

Medication is definitely an important aspect of the treatment along with daily routine changes. A moderate amount of exercise and anti-depressant pills can pull you out of depression ASAP. The biggest key however, is to accept your mental sickness upfront. Let people around you know that you are suffering from depression so they won’t judge you from your behaviour. As I said earlier, it’s the most common disorder and there is nothing to hide about it.

Depression and anxiety disorder can be cured within months with proper treatment and medication. With modern day science, there is no need to depend on these pills all your life. A good doctor won’t continue it for longer period of time and rather would suggest an effective daily routine changes for life long results. Exercise and meditation are two of the key factors to fight against mental illness.

In short, if you find anything unusual in your behaviour…. Go see a doc! Drinking couple of shots of vodka might solve your problem temporarily but in the longer run, it will only worsen your condition. A professional treatment can save your personal and professional life and it will fix your physical and biological problems as well.

It’s time to overcome the stigma of mental illness and look forward towards leading a healthy life!!

Depression: Let’s Talk!

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