Weird and strange experiments were always a part of my life. I had always given break to things or people in the past whenever they started bothering me. Till now it was limited to social media and certain apps, but time I thought of taking it to a whole new level. Why not give up phone for some time? The very next day after getting my 3rd mobile phone in a span of one year(Yes, you read it right!), I decided to gift this new phone to wife and take a break for 3-4 months. You may be thinking that my wife must be on cloud 9 right now with the kind of things I have being giving her lately.. my credit cards, a brand newphone , etc. But, don’t forget.. no one knows and understand you better than your life partner and its the same with my wife. She has actually become used to such transitions in me over the years but she still enjoys every time it happens even if its for a limited period of time.

I had thought this transition won’t be easy, but to be frank, there is nothing hard in it. Now a days, numorous things depend on OTP you get on your registered number. This is a major concern if you give up your phone completly. To avoid such situation, I still carry phone with me, but I switch it on only when I need OTP. Second important concern was, how will I contact people without a phone? You cannot remember each and every phone number from your contact list. Plus, you dont find public telephone often these days. So even if you know the number, its still hard to contact, unless you borrow it from strangers. But to my surprise, I dont feel like calling anybody 🙂  In fact, it was far easier than giving up WhatsApp. I am not being disrespectful towards my friends and family when I said I dont feel like calling 🙂  As I said earlier in this post, its a temporary restriction and I have not given up on my relationships. Most of my friends know this nature of mine and I am sure they already know I will be normal soon and have already found alternate ways to contact me!!

I was so addicted to WhatsApp and FB that I often found it difficult to get rid of this completly. I still occassionaly keep checking my wife’s phone just to feel the colors of Whatsapp. Withdrawal symptoms you see 😉 I am hopefull I will stop even touching the phone pretty soon. I have no choice at this moment other than buying another new phone if I ever give up my experiment, which is out of question till 2018.

I strongly feel everyone should think about stopping the use of phone once in a while. Best if you can avoid it whenever you are at home. This will not just improve the quality of life you are living but also add value to the lives of those around you. I will post the outcome of this experiment in near future. Till then, stay tuned!!

Giving up on phone

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