“Hello Mark, how are you?”
“Good to hear that.”
“I am fantastic as usual!”
“Aa.. One sec Mark.” A reminder appeared with a beep on Sumit’s phone which interrupted his conversation with Mark.

“Try one more time!!”
Snooze | Dismiss

Sumit dismissed the reminder and got back to his conversation with Mark on the other phone.

“Sorry for the interruption Mark…something popped up on my other phone.” explained Sumit.
“Yeah! We are meeting in Delhi day after tomorrow for sure.” Sumit continued…
“Okay Mark! See you at The Leela Ambience.”
“I will be staying in the same hotel so you can book a room as well.”
“Ya ya…I have kept myself free for the whole week and I am sure we can fix the scope of work before you return to LA.”
“Have a good day Mark. Let’s catch up on Tuesday. Take care…Bye…”

Sumit cut the call and leaned back on his incliner. He seemed too tired and he covered his eyes with his forearm. A phone call broke the silence and he realized that he was sitting in the same position for a good 20 minutes. It was Priya’s name flashing on his iPhone. He answered the call…

“Yes… leaving now.” He replied.
“May be little more than usual depending on traffic! Say in 40-45 minutes.”
“I am not sure re… had a sandwich at 6pm. You can keep little for me, in case I feel hungry.”
“Ya ya… just closing the office and leaving.”

“Sachin! Close the office please.” Sumit requested his office boy.
“Make sure you don’t switch off the main plug of cubicle number 4. We need to keep the computers ON whole night. Vinay will be connecting the computer from his home.” Instructed Sumit.

“Yes sir….Vinay bhaiyya called me for the same.”
“Okay… I am going to Delhi for a week so keep my cabin clean. I have instructed Leela about weekly expenses. Ask her for anything you require”, continued Sumit.
“Sure sir!” I will take care of the requirements. Replied Sachin.
“By the way, how is your kid now? Ask Leela if you need anything. Told her not to wait for my approval.”
“She is fine now. Thank you for the help. I am really thankful for your support.” Sumit could see the feeling of gratitude in his eyes.
“Anytime Sachin… no worries.” Sumit patted his shoulder and left for home.

Sumit is the dynamic CEO of a small start-up in Pune having a unit of 80 technical experts. He started this company 6 years back and since then it became a priority of his life. Though a loving husband, at times Sumit’s professional life would come in the way of his personal and married life.

Priya heard the doorbell ring as she was busy preparing dinner. She knew it was Sumit…

“How was your day?” Priya asked while opening the door.
“Pretty hectic!” Sumit replied.
“Tell me something new…” Priya said with a smile on her face.
“I have an Indigo flight at 11:30pm tonight..” Sumit replied casually while keeping his office bag.

“What?? And you are telling me this now?” Priya was surprised to hear that.

“It was fixed at the last moment. Mark called me he is having a flight tomorrow for the project we were discussing for quite sometime now.” Explained Sumit.
“Phone calls were not working out so he decided to come personally to fix the scope of project. As he already booked the tickets, I had no option but to agree.” He further clarify himself.

“When are you coming back?” Asked Priya.
“Next Tuesday…by evening.” Said Sumit.
“One whole week? Are you kidding me??” Priya exclaimed in disbelief.
“Yes, you heard it right.”
“Mark does not want to keep any stone unturned.”

“You know how important this week is Sumit!!” Priya clearly was disappointed by Sumit’s absence for the whole week.
“Work dear! You know how hard I have been working for this project. Can’t just let this opportunity go.” Sumit tried to explain the situation.
“What about me Sumit? This is equally important to me.” Priya was more concerned about herself than anything else right now.

“This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time for sure.” She continued…
“Your work is ruining our family Sumit.” Her disappointment is now turning into anger.
“Priya…I am helpless. You know I won’t do this on purpose.” Sumit tried to pacify her.

“I don’t want to hear anything. Call Mark or whoever he is and ask him to postpone your meeting.” Priya was now more determined on not letting Sumit go.

“Be practical Priya… you know I can’t do this.”
“Few things are not in my hand.” Sumit was getting stern with every sentence.

“Okay fine!!” Priya said with teary eyes…she knew nothing could stop Sumit from going once he decided to go and so, she went to her bedroom and slammed the door.

Sumit helplessly watched her go. He wanted to explain her his part of the pain but he had little time in hand. He had a flight to catch in the next 3 hours.

He entered in his dark bedroom for the suitcase and clothes. Priya was weeping on the bed turning her back to the door. Sumit wanted to switch on the lights but held back himself. He did not want to disturb Priya. He switched on his phone torch light and got his clothes and suitcase in the drawing room for packing.

Sumit quickly finished his packing and went to bedroom to say goodbye to Priya.

“I am leaving…will be back on next Tuesday. Call me if you need anything.” Sumit said calmly.

“Speak to me when you have time for me…” Priya replied with a choked voice without turning towards Sumit.

“Okay…” Sumit closed the door of bedroom and left for the airport.
Priya wanted to give Sumit a big hug and a goodbye kiss, but she was so disappointed, she refrained herself and continued sobbing.

The whole week was unbearable for Priya. She did not call Sumit as she expected him to call and on the other hand, Sumit thought it was best to let her calm without disturbing her.

As the doorbell rang, Priya rushed to the door. She was waiting for Sumit eagerly as somewhere she knew she had behaved very rudely with him last week. As expected, it was Sumit with some fresh flowers in hand. Priya felt bit relieved to see him normal.

“Hello sweetheart!! How was your week without your charming husband?” said Sumit playfully.
“Your beautiful wife was all busy with reading books and painting!” Priya was in an equally good mood.
“So?? Let’s finish the business??” Sumit raised his eyebrows.
“Suuurrreeee” and Priya flung into his arms…

Sumit held her face gently and kissed Priya. “Are you drunk???” asked Priya bit disappointed.
“Just had a couple of drinks with Mark while leaving Delhi. He insisted and I couldn’t refuse.” Sumit tried to explain his situation.
“We already missed the best period Sumit and you know doctor said you should avoid alcohol and cigarettes for some time.” Priya said in displeasure.

“Can we stop thinking about all this nonsense for some time and just be ourselves?” Sumit seemed upset.

“Nonsense?? You calling this a nonsense??” Priya said in a frustrated tone. “This might be a nonsense for you but not for me. I want a kid and I can’t have one without you!!”
That was the end of a romantic moment that the two could have otherwise enjoyed.

“There are millions of people without kids and they are still happy.” Sumit knew she was in pain but was feeling helpless all these years.

“I don’t care about other people. I know we can have a kid and I want one. Just need your support”. Priya was in tears once again.

“We have been trying since 2 years now Priya. Why don’t you accept this? Why can’t we adopt one? Sumit tried to control his emotions.

“I WANT MY OWN!! Don’t you get it?” screamed Priya in anger.

“Fuck this shit!! Get a dog or a cat to keep you busy if you want!” screamed back Sumit.

“What did you just said??? You know you just insulted my feelings.” Priya’s face turned red in anger.

“I…I didn’t mean that.” Sumit realized his mistake. He had said it in anger but he knew very well he should have controlled his emotions.

“You know what I am going through every month?” Priya stared at Sumit with bloody eyes.

“I take painful injections every month and tones of other tests and medicines.” Priya continued without blinking her eyes.

“They put probe inside me every time I visit and sometimes by a male gynac. Can you imagine my embarrassment??” Priya wanted to end this once and for all.

“Shut up!!!” Sumit shouted…

“I am not responsible for this. It was your choice and you put yourself in this pain, not me!” Their fight didn’t seem like it would end soon.

“I equally face this embarrassment when I am asked for container full of semen by a nurse.” now it was Priya’s turn to listen.

“I am fed up of this mechanical and feeling less married life.” Sumit had never expressed his displeasure before. He was always supportive till this day.

“Our intimate moments are driven by dates and doctor’s advice. There is no desire and fire left anymore.” Priya had never thought of this before and she started feeling guilty about it.

“Priya… you need to understand this. There is no excitement or happiness left in between us.” continued Sumit.

“But…I am doing this for the family.” Priya placed her right hand on Sumit’s cheek and tried to calm him down.

“No Priya! You are doing this for yourself. I never wanted you to go through this pain and embarrassment.” this time Sumit was very much aware of what he was saying.

“There are other ways to find happiness. Let’s adopt a child instead.” Sumit continued.

“I know it’s my choice, but let’s try one last time. I won’t ask you ever again.” requested Priya.

This argument drastically changed their prospective towards each other. Suddenly they could understood the pain both were going through and Sumit decided to cooperate one last time.

“SUMIT!!!!” Priya came out shouting from the bathroom.

Still sleepy-eyed, Sumit checked the clock. It was 4:00 am in the morning! “What happened???” an utterly surprised Sumit asked while trying to wade off his sleep.

Bustling with excitement, Priya showed him the pregnancy test result strip. Sumit couldn’t believe his eyes. Two red lines!! Uncontrollable tears of happiness rolled down Priya’s cheeks and Sumit found it hard to say a word due to his choked voice.

While he had always tried to convince Priya about adopting a child, deep down he too had wished for Priya to experience the bliss of motherhood by bearing her own child and finally the day had come.

They pulled each other into a tight hug, trying to feel their racing hearts. None of them had anything to say so they continued to hug each other for a long moment.

“Finally!! I am soooo happy today” Priya said while still crying.

“I am happy too Priya!” said Sumit, now wide awake from his sleep. After all, he was finally going to become a father and his wife was going to bear their OWN child after years of pain, patience and awaiting.

Finally their wait for a kid was over. Those endless days of frustration, constant hospital visits and ugly fights suddenly seemed like a matter of past and all they could think of, was about welcoming the newest member of their family.

I Do Understand….

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