I am a simple middle aged common man,
I have some simple dreams,
I don’t care about your India shining,
Nor I care about your million dollar deals,

I wish a safe country for my daughter,
A life filled with love and peace,
I wish a country free of rapists,
And a street without moral police.

I want a change in society,
Where she won’t be judged by her clothes,
Where she can have boy friends,
Or do whatever she chose.

There is no point holding placards,
And mourn on things that can be avoided,
‘Coz they are useless for a father,
Whose loving child is already dead.

You will fight over religions,
And will play dirty politics,
While I’ll only have sweet sad memories,
Of the victim and the culprits.

I sincerely wish for a country,
Where my girl can follow her will,
Where she is treated like a human,
And not an object to rape and kill….

I wish

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