What’s the first thing that strikes your mind the moment I say the word “Shopaholic?” A woman sporting loose hair with sunglasses on her head, carrying loads of colorful shopping bags, trying to make her way through the crowd and cursing every other man for coming in her way!

Well, don’t worry coz you are not the only one to have that kind of image of a shopaholic. Even Google seems to have that impression!! Make a quick image search for the word ‘shopaholic’ and 99% pictures are of women carrying bags.

In general, shopaholic is a term that has become synonymous to female buyers over the years. You can hardly hear of a shopaholic man. But is that really the case?? According to research, there are equal number of shopaholic men when compared to women but for our general and at times gender-biased society, shopaholic is always a woman 🙂

The reason I thought of picking this up as the first of my blog topics is because this is something I’m presently experiencing… a rapid and risky transformation from a man who hardly shopped to a total Shopaholic!!

Stuff I bought in 2.5 months!

Yes, you heard it right. Believe it or not, the amount of shopping (online/offline) I did in last three months was humongous. From necessary/unnecessary things to cheap and expensive items… I have bought it all and a new item keeps appearing on my wish list every day. Huh!! I can’t stop myself from sharing this, but this shopping spree is turning my wife crazy and suddenly I’m feeling as if we have reversed roles… you do know what I mean 😉

The amount I have spent on me in these past 3 months is the highest till date.Undoubtedly, I have been spending way more than my actual spending and earning power as well 🙂

One fine day, after settling my credit card debts, I decided to give it all a thought. Why has there been a sudden rise in my expenditure and why can’t I control it?

I could point out few of the following reasons:

  •  After buying a superbike, I had no choice but to buy costly yet necessary safety gears.
  •  Clothes started fitting well after loosing 11kgs in 3 months…so new clothes every week!
  • Developed interest in grooming which resulted in spending on unessential costly products.
  • Shopping added some spice to boring ruitine life.
  • Found online shopping websites more interesting than FB/Whatsapp.

I am glad though that I realised the problem before it was too late. I still have some debt to pay but at least now I know how to restrict myself on buying. Quite a few times I feel like buying stuff and still visit online shopping websites, but actually cant buy no matter how desperate I may be. The only reason I can’t do so is because I have stopped carrying debit and credit cards with me. No No,I haven’t boycotted them from my life yet coz you never know when the shopaholic in me may rise again like a phoenix 🙂

All I have done is to hand them over to my wife while I can enjoy the luxury of asking her to finance my wish list whenever I feel like buying anything. That’s exactly what she had been doing with me all these years so the ball is in my court now!! Ohh!! I’m loving it!!


Shopaholic Man

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