I have this bad habit of not living up to my own words. Just like many others, my New Year starts with a set of resolutions which unfortunately I completely fail to follow. Obviously, 2017 was no exception.

One of the major decisions of 2017 was to stay away from social media until 2018, mainly away from Facebook and WhatsApp. However, as I already mentioned, I am bad with keeping up to my own words and so the resolution continues into 2018 also as I am not getting back to social media this year either 🙂

The reason, I have started enjoying this madness? Well, my experience of staying away from WhatsApp and Facebook has been phenomenal.

At some point of time, I had come to realize that I was actually doing the same thing that I hated most, when I saw someone else doing it. I had indeed become completely addicted to these two stupid apps that had come to occupy a valuable and major amount of my life.

However, now that I have steered away from these apps, I can save a good amount of time for things that I had actually wanted to do. Be it enjoying a leisure ride on my new sportsbike, learning guitar, playing with my daughter or for that matter simply watching late night movies with my wife 🙂

I remember how I was always available for people who were least important in my life and mostly preoccupied for those who actually needed me!

Detaching myself from a ‘virtual’ society has made me realize one important thing that you don’t really need anyone apart from your immediate family or closest friends, to lead a happy life. Believe me, there’s nothing better or more gratifying than spending quality time with your family or best friends.

Well, talking of my resolutions of detachment, ‘phone’ is yet another thing that I badly wanted to get rid of and fortunately, I have been able to give it up partially. In fact, my irritation level seems to rise whenever my phone rings or in case the call lasts for more than a minute.

Surprisingly, today there are times when I don’t check my phone for days together which is a good enough motivation that I will stop using it forever soon. I know that I will lose few people in the process but that doesn’t worry me anymore. Not because I have become a saint or something but because the day I detached myself from WhatsApp and Facebook, I already lost a long list of ‘formal’ friends who were existent only in my virtual social circle. More than half of the list included people I hadn’t either met or talked to for years or so-called friends for whom I was only a friend “in need” and not a “friend indeed”!!

Though I have always believed in quality over quantity, it was only after my detachment from the social media that the true sense of these words actually struck me. Believe me, the realization was hard at first but eventually I felt thankful to be surrounded by only friends who really matter, even if just a handful of them.

It took me a lot of efforts to get rid of these addictions and so, this time I sincerely hope to keep up to my words!!

While I’m struggling hard to get rid of my phone completely as many things are still dependent on phone like banking and stuff, I’m sure once I find a way around it, I would be more than happy to stop using the phone forever.

Just a week into the New Year, I can already see myself slowly but steadily detaching from virtually existent friends & relatives, to save enough time for exploring the inner me.

2018 would be the year of ultimate exploration…. of new dreams, new destinations, new journeys & new people whom you can meet, create memories with and as easily forget!

It would surely be fun to be literally social while being virtually unsocial!!!


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