1st September 2014, 3:14 PM, I was waiting outside the room eagerly. A bit nervous and little excited. Suddenly my sister-in-law shouted, “It’s a girl!! It’s a girl!!”

I went blank for a fraction of second. I was hit by a sudden thought and everything went to a slow motion after that! I remember I tried hard to fake a smile, tried to look joyful! Everyone was happy and cheerful, thanking God for the healthy little one. On the other hand, I lost a future cricketer or a biker or a boxer may be. I lost my secured old age to be precise. I was silent most of the time for next 20 minutes, texting ‘good news’ to friends and family.

After a long 20 minutes, I saw her for the first time. Held her in my arms… my own blood, a part of my wife, a new life for which we had struggled together for so long. Everything changed from that exact moment.

She is three and a half now and every day is a bliss to watch her. She is full of energy, full of drama and she is full of joy. It didn’t took me long to realize if it wasn’t for her, I would have missed the best days of my life. If we ever think of a second child, it surely will be a girl again. No happiness is better than seeing your daughter grow. And….girls are way smarter than boys without a doubt 😉

I always admired my mother for her hard work and determination. She raised me and my sister in a very hard situation, where we literally wouldn’t have anything to eat. Whenever I tell this to others, they find it hard to believe. Though we didn’t had enough in life, my mother sent me to a fairly expensive English medium school. She herself was not very educated, still knew the importance of education. I can proudly say, I have inherited her fighting spirit and that stubbornness in me. We both are so stubborn, we hardly give up on anything 🙂

I have seen my mother shaping our lives with this attitude and thus I follow the same. It’s annoying for others on most of the occasions though… but again, that’s how I have been raised and it worked every time.

Another important woman in my life is of course, my wife. I love her for her patience. It’s absolutely hard to live with a person who is so stubborn, rigid, awful at times and who is too possessive 🙂

I literally go bonkers if I stay away from her even for just two days. Any other woman on this planet would have divorced me 10 times in 7 years. It’s an absolute torture for me to stay away from her and in the process, I happen to torture her 100 times more in return. That’s too much pain for her to suffer but at the same time, she understands my feelings and ignores it each time. One needs to be fortunate to have a life partner this perfect. A person with loads of brain, so much so that people around her often start feeling insecure about their own position 😉

There are more women in my life worth mentioning. My sister, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my little niece. Each one of them have their importance in my life. My sister, who fed me since childhood and I still love and crave for the foods prepared by her. My mother-in-law who fortunately still treats me good despite of my weird nature. My sister-in-law, who is always ready to take unnecessary blows on behalf of her sister whenever I am in bad mood. She is the one who recognized the psycho in me:D Her daughter June, who is a role model for my daughter. Never seen such a well behaved child in my life.

I feel quite fortunate to have these wonderful women in my life despite of my unpredictable nature. One thing common with all of them; they know what things to ignore and they ignore my tantrums rightly 🙂

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!!!

Women’s Day 2018

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